Application form to share surveys

The aggregated reports–tool is supplemented with a function that makes it possible to aggregate surveys from multiple consultant accounts within the same organisation.  This function is ideal if you and your colleagues have conducted surveys of groups in different departments at the same organisation, and want to create an aggregated report in order to see development over time, or average developmental level at a single moment in time, for the whole or a large part of the organisation.

To access the function, a GDQ-certified contact person within your organisation needs to complete the application below in order to have the function activated. This application will be processed by GDQ Associates. We want to ensure that only authorised persons with a GDQ–certification have access to shared surveys and we are careful that sharing accords with the customer organisation’s policies and rules. 

When surveys are shared between consultant accounts, the group’s name, the survey’s name, date of extracted report and number of participants included in the survey are shown. Only the consultant who conducted the original survey has access to the personal data of participants who responded to the questionnaires.

About the application process

The form below must be completed by the GDQ-certified consultant who is applying for activation of survey sharing in order to create an aggregated report. Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and a member from the GDQ-team will get in touch with the contact person from your organisation.

Please note! Do NOT fill out any information about your surveys or survey-participants.

Fill out name and e-mail address for each consultant
Who can GDQ Associates contact in case of follow-up questions?