GDQ Seminar 15 September, Stockholm

Welcome to our annual GDQ seminar where we update you with the latest research on GDQ as well as our exciting projects and collaborations involving GDQ!

This year we have changed our planning from two physical seminars in the Tändstickspalatset in Stockholm to a virtual one, the date we have kept. On September 15 at 1 pm – 4 pm, the seminar will be held virtually over Zoom.

Day: Tuesday 15/9 2020
Time: 13.00-16.00
Location: Zoom, a link will be sent at registration
Price: SEK 400 + VAT.
Registration is due no later than 1/9 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
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This year we have the following exciting points on the agenda:

* Felice Tilin, Director of Organization Development and Leadership programs at Saint Josephs’ University in Philadelphia. Felice will talk (in English) about Susan Wheelan’s work based on her long collaboration with Susan, first as a student and then as a close colleague and friend.

* Angelica Sandström, senior HR specialist at Volvo Group, who will tell about her experience of developing different types of groups, especially management groups, at AB Volvo.

* Joakim Matsson, Head of Leadership and Organizational Development at Praktikertjänst AB, who will talk about their work on developing management groups with the help of GDQ and a variant of the Goal Matrix.

* Maria Åkerlund, CEO of GDQ Associates AB, talks about the most important lessons about the latest team research from this year’s SIOP conference, which was canceled in April due to Covid 19 but then held virtually in June.

* Christian Jacobsson, Head of Research for GDQ Associates AB, talks about current and planned research on team development with GDQ.

* Paulina Nordebrand, UX designer at GDQ Associates AB, will tell you about the new GDQ web platform.

* Maria Åkerlund and Christian Jacobsson will present news in the upcoming 6th edition of Wheelan’s book Creating Effective Teams to which they are co-authors.

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Sep 15 2020


13.00 - 16.00
Maria Åkerlund


Maria Åkerlund
00 46 708 65 33 93