We are launching a new My GDQ Management platform

At GDQ Associates, we have been working for some time on refreshing and improving My GDQ Management – the platform where you manage, administer and keep track of your groups and measurements. 

We are delighted to inform you that the new platform will launch on 7th December 2020. You should use your existing username to log on to the new platform. You will need to pick a new password the first time you log in.

Any groups, measurements and reports that you currently have on the existing platform will be transferred to your new account.

New My GDQ Management

Apart from a visual facelift and enhanced user friendliness, the new platform will also enable you to:

  • Schedule your mailings and keep track of developments by activating reminders.
  • Choose to send out the questionnaire and generate the GDQ report in different languages.
  • Choose to compare your group’s results against Swedish, US or global norm values.
  • For each individual member, choose whether the questionnaire is sent online or provided in hard copy.
  • Get the results presented in an interactive PowerPoint presentation with new design and updated content.
  • Add a personal message to the standardised text with a personal code and link to the survey.
  • Create folders to structure your groups and measurements.
  • Track the status of every measurement and each individual measurement participant.
  • Benefit from video tutorials and other tools to streamline the GDQ process.