The GDQ seminar

The annual GDQ seminar is held and all certified GDQ consultants are invited. For many years, the seminar has served as a much-appreciated forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences among industry peers. Among the features presented during the seminar are:

  • the latest research on GDQ
  • the current state of research in the field of team development (the highlights of the SIOP conference)
  • projects where GDQ is being used for the analysis of team efficiency
  • partnerships involving GDQ
  • upcoming services linked to GDQ

GDQ seminar 21 of September, 2023

Preliminary program:

* Christian Jacobsson, GDQ Associates. Introduction.

* Christian Jacobsson, GDQ Associates. Large and small groups, which items in GDQ subscale analysis are different?

* Eveline Hinfelaar, eve(n)|n=3. Collaboration in the construction industry – a multi team perspective.

* Johan Lundeqvist och Johannes Svensson, Afry. Agile teams vs ”ordinary teams”, experiences from Afry.

* Maria Åkerlund, GDQ Associates AB. The most important learnings about the latest team research from this years SIOP-Conference.

* Paulina Nordebrand, GDQ Associates AB. News: developed e-learning

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