Maria Åkerlund

00 46 708 65 33 93

Maria is a licensed psychologist and has spent 25 years working as a consultant in work psychology. In 2005, Maria introduced the Group Development Questionnaire (GDQ) in Sweden and participated in the translation and adaptation of the GDQ to Swedish. She has taught around 40 certification courses. Since 1 January 2015, Maria has been co-owner and CEO of GDQ Associates AB, which owns the GDQ.

Besides her work work at GDQ Associates AB, Maria works as a consultant at the company Henrysson Åkerlund AB. Maria is co-author of the books “Teamutveckling i teori och praktik”, “Teams in the Spotlight” and “Allt ljus på teamet”. The sixth edition of Susan Wheelan’s book “Creating Effective Teams” was published in autumn 2020. This edition has been revised by Maria along with Christian Jacobsson.