New norm data – GDQ Global

In the near future, we will make it possible to compare your group’s results against global norm data. As is well-known, the group in question should be compared with the norm data that is most similar to the conditions and composition of the group. That means that the following sets of norm values will be available: Swedish norm data, US norm data and global norm data.

Global norm data is based on 885 groups (6106 individuals) from 23 countries in different parts of the world (South America, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania).  No single country dominates, in other words no country accounts for more than 6.5% of the norm data. Global norm data is suitable for all groups that have members in more than one country or that work internationally, such as in virtual teams. Global norm data is also suitable for use as a comparison for groups with no norm data for their own country.