GDQ seminar September 21, 2023

Welcome to our annual GDQ seminar where we update you with the latest research on GDQ as well as our exciting projects and collaborations involving GDQ!

This year we have the following exciting points on the agenda:

* Christian Jacobsson, GDQ Associates. Introduction.

* Christian Jacobsson, GDQ Associates. Large and small groups, which items in GDQ subscale analysis are different?

* Eveline Hinfelaar, eve(n)|n=3. Collaboration in the construction industry – a multi team perspective.

* Johan Lundeqvist och Johannes Svensson, Afry. Agile teams vs ”ordinary teams”, experiences from Afry.

* Maria Åkerlund, GDQ Associates AB. The most important learnings about the latest team research from this years SIOP-Conference.

* Paulina Nordebrand, GDQ Associates AB. News: developed e-learning