Find out whether you’re working with real teams using the GDQ checklist for development initiatives

The right conditions for teamwork, i.e. a need for teamwork, are required to enable teamwork to be developed in a group. Implementation of development initiatives in work groups that are not teams can give rise to negative consequences, for example in the form of powerlessness and frustration. A team can be defined as two or more individuals who have joint goals and work tasks that require collaboration, continuous interaction and distribution of responsibilities.

In conjunction with this year’s GDQ seminar on September 22, we are launching an interactive checklist that is able to provide an answer to the question of how far a working group fulfils the prerequisites for being a team. The checklist also provides a pointer to whether the working group fulfils the prerequisites to a sufficient extent to justify development initiatives. The checklist will be available on our My GDQ Management platform and is free of charge and available to anyone with GDQ certification.