Information about booking tickets for the GDQ seminar 2022

We have received reports of problems in connection with booking tickets for the GDQ seminar. As a result of this, we request that if you have completed an application via, you make sure that you have received a mail from us confirming that your booking has been received.

If you have not received such a mail, we request that you make a new booking.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you at Tändstickspalatset in Stockholm on 22 September at 13.00-16.00, and also digitally!

This year we have the following exciting items on the agenda:

  • Christian Jacobsson, GDQ Associates. Leaders’ and members’ assessments of teams’ maturity in GDQ.
  • Jan Esensjö, Petrina Partners. GDQ and holistic philosophy.
  • Maria Åkerlund and Christian Jacobsson, GDQ Associates. New: check-list for a genuine team.
  • Maria Åkerlund, GDQ Associates AB. The most important lessons from the most recent team research from this year’s SIOP conference.
  • Hedvig Mossvall, Spotify. Our way of working with team development within Spotify.
  • Paulina Nordebrand, GDQ Associates AB. New: aggregated GDQ reports.