Our GDQ course on-site

The GDQ course, which takes place in a classroom environment, consists of 2 + 2 days. For the first two days, the focus is on the theory and research behind the GDQ. Participants conduct a real GDQ measurement on a working group on days 2 and 3. Course participants calculate and interpret the GDQ results obtained and present them to other course participants on days 3 and 4.

Read more about upcoming courses below. At present, we are offering GDQ courses in Swedish in Stockholm and Gothenburg in collaboration with Henrysson Åkerlund AB and Treatis AB. In Norway, courses are provided in Norwegian in collaboration with Alaric AS. We also arrange internal GDQ courses for companies and organisations. Contact us at gdq@gdq.se for more information.

Price: 31.000 SEK.