You can undergo our 4-day GDQ course or take our digital GDQ course to become a certified GDQ consultant who is entitled to use the GDQ as a tool when working with groups.

Our digital GDQ course 

Our digital course consists of a number of modules and is available in English. Do one module at a time using the course book “Group Processes – A Developmental Perspective” by Susan A Wheelan and a test manual. After you have completed all the modules, including a test, you carry out a GDQ measurement on a working group. You have a meeting with a GDQ trainer via video conferencing in advance of this measurement. You yourself must find a group that is willing to implement the GDQ. You manage the measurement on our digital test platform. You have another video meeting with your GDQ trainer after the measurement in order to prepare feedback of the GDQ results to the group. When all these steps have been completed, you become a certified GDQ consultant and gain access to the digital GDQ platform.

Price: 30.000 SEK.

If you are interested in taking the digital GDQ course, please contact

Our GDQ course on-site

The GDQ course, which takes place in a classroom environment, consists of 2 + 2 days. For the first two days, the focus is on the theory and research behind the GDQ. Participants conduct a real GDQ measurement on a working group on days 2 and 3. Course participants calculate and interpret the GDQ results obtained and present them to other course participants on days 3 and 4.

Read more about upcoming courses below. At present, we are offering GDQ courses in Swedish in Stockholm and Gothenburg in collaboration with Henrysson Åkerlund AB and Treatis AB. In Norway, courses are provided in Norwegian in collaboration with Alaric AS. We also arrange internal GDQ courses for companies and organisations. Contact us at for more information.

Price: 31.000 SEK.

Upcoming GDQ courses in Stockholm, Sweden

For registration send an e-mail to For questions contact Maria Åkerlund tel 0708-653393 or e-mail

Upcoming GDQ courses in Gothenburg, Sweden

For registration send an e-mail to For questions contact Christian Jacobsson tel 0708-431266 or e-mail

Refresher courses

Aimed at certified GDQ consultants who need a refresher course on administration, interpretation and presentation of GDQ results.

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Team development – in theory and in practice

A course (held in Swedish) for GDQ consultants who want further training in the field of team development.

Case consultation

We also offer case consultation in which we help you interpret GDQ results and recommend how, as a consultant, you should proceed in the specific case. Contact to book a consultation. Price: 2.500 SEK per hour.

GDQ seminar 2024

Welcome to our annual GDQ seminar at which we inform you of the latest research on and using the GDQ, other current team research and exciting projects and collaborations relating to the GDQ!

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