GDQ Associates AB is an organisation that provides high quality services in the areas of group and organisational development, training and professional certification. 

One of our guiding principles at GDQ Associates is that all our services must be based on psychological research. That means that customers who use our services are able to trust the quality and value of our services.

GDQ (the Group Development Questionnaire) is at the heart of GDQ Associates. The GDQ was developed by Dr. Susan Wheelan. Susan Wheelan devoted nearly 30 years to studying the dynamics of working groups. The GDQ is one of the results of her research. The tool measures the development and efficiency of working groups. Groups can use the GDQ to draw up successful strategies to enable them to develop and become increasingly efficient.

When Susan Wheelan retired in 2014, she handed over the GDQ and all rights associated with it to Maria Åkerlund and Christian Jacobsson in Sweden, who continue to manage and develop the use of the questionnaire both digitally and on the basis of research.

Our seven ethical and practical principles


GDQ consultants must have considerable knowledge of group development theory and research.


The GDQ measures group functioning. It is not intended, nor does it provide, information about individuals.


The GDQ is intended to assist and support groups in working towards their goals.


The GDQ is a helpful tool and, whenever possible, training in its use should be made available to qualified professionals from non-profit and for-profit organisations.


The confidentiality of the contents of the GDQ must be preserved.


The GDQ is an instrument with considerable research and there is also ongoing research into its effectiveness with different kinds of groups in a variety of organizations.  Therefore, GDQ users are sometimes asked to commit themselves to participate in research studies by sharing their data with GDQ Associates.


It is important to work with groups within the parameters of what is known and to be cautious about the ways in which one intervenes based on the GDQ results.


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